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Aurora's Journal Entry 01
« on: September 01, 2013, 04:23:12 AM »
((Her old Journal was burnt in the fire...))

*she opens up the first page of her personal diary/journal and begins to write down something*

     There was once an idea where special ponies with special talents will be gathered together. Archaeologists, Biologists, Astronomers, Blacksmiths, Botanists and so on. Every pony with some form of knowledge or skill and unite them for the purpose or re-discovering, understanding and preserving the world’s history. Every step and progress is recorded for future references.

     They would be the Explorers without Boarders.

     How much do we really know about the world? Suddenly one day, the Crystal Empire appeared and few ponies knew it even existed. That is but one of the many things we have yet to know. What was it like before the arrival of the Princess sisters?

     There are so many questions and so many answers to be discovered. One explorer can’t do it alone. That’s why we came up with the idea. To create a grand network of explorers and compile all the discoveries made. The idea however was scrapped because those who planned it at the time weren't able to maintain order. Their biggest mistake… giving one pony power overall. History should be preserved for what it is and should never be filtered so no single pony should be given absolute command.  There’s always some dark ancient evil hiding somewhere. Ancient relics of power. Old kingdoms that once ruled lands. There are so many things out there that should be discovered and shared with all.
     This is just my humble opinion though. I have little power to pull this off on my own… though... who knows, maybe the impossible may just happen.

*She keeps her journal away in her desk drawer and locks it safely along with other private important things*

How much can one pony really do?
Will I really be able to see it all?

Who can truly know
*she gives a tired sigh before blowing her candle and trotting off to bed*

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